Stormwater Facility Maintenance

Bioswales put in place take stormwater into a trough filled with native vegetation, compost or mulch, and rubble to reduce runoff, increase infiltration, and remove pollutants. These bioswales are designed by state licensed stormwater engineers and required by Clark County to be maintained.

Regular maintenance is required by law to ensure continued effectiveness and system longevity, including regular mowing and reseeding, as well as inspections for erosion, weed control, and trash removal. Proper maintenance is necessary to ensure that bioswales continue functioning after winters in cold areas.


The Bio Swale must be checked for channeling and erosion every month or after major rainfall events. Re-grading and tilling may be necessary to reshape the Bio Retention Swale cross-section as sediments collect and form pools or clogging occurs.

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Find information on Clark County's website here, and here.

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